Community Chest, Inc.


Community Chest was organized in January 1990 by the present director, Charlotte Manuel. The idea to begin this organization began as she worked as bookkeeper for St. Theodore Catholic Church, in Moss Bluff. One of the duties of the bookkeeper was to screen and help people that came to the church for assistance. When she left the bookkeeping job at St. Theodore, she asked the pastor if she could continue screening and assisting the needy with the funds provided by St. Theodore. So, with the pastor’s help, Community Chest became a ministry to the poor in the Moss Bluff area. As time went on, Community Chest expanded and is now a community organization, no longer funded by the church. Community Chest is now funded by several churches in the Moss Bluff, Gillis and Ragley areas, as well as from private donations, businesses and other organizations. We receive no federal or state funds of any type.

Community Chest was incorporated in 2008, and is tax exempt under section 501 C(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.


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