Community Chest, Inc.

Community Chest, Inc.


Community Chest, Inc. has been providing temporary emergency assistance for the Moss Bluff, Gillis and Ragley communities since 1990. Our purpose is to provide material means of assistance to those who truly have a need. By helping with the material needs we hope to show, by example, God’s Love. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Payroll designations can be made through United Way of Southwest Louisiana.


In order for services to be provided, an application process is administered. As a rule, the applicant must be a resident of Moss Bluff, Gillis, or Ragley. We do make exceptions depending on need and availability of funds.

In situations that require long term financial support, we try to make referrals to the proper agencies that might be better equipped to help.

Only persons that have made a previous appointment with the Executive Director are allowed to come to my residence. If you do not follow the above requirement you are automatically disqualified for any assistance.

General Information

Community Chest is ecumenical and non-denominational and is not the outreach of any one church group.

We have one Executive Director, and a 5 Member Board of Directors.

We cross check files with other organizations on a regular basis to try to prevent anyone abusing our services. We work with organizations such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Social Services, Social Security Offices, Welfare and Food Stamp Offices and other assistance organizations.


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